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Get the complete picture before purchasing a property or scheduling a repair.

Mainline Inspection Services, LLC provides comprehensive video examinations of sewer lines, downspouts, drains and other pipes, empowering you to make educated decisions about major investments and repairs.

Unlike other companies that offer video inspections, we are not a plumbing sales organization. Instead, we provide unbiased, objective examinations and assessments of the condition of your pipes. We do not up-sell repair work, nor do we offer repair services.

We want our customers to have a complete picture of the condition of their sewer lines and other commonly overlooked infrastructure–giving them a real advantage when making decisions about home purchases, sewer line maintenance and repairs, real estate investments and more. Give yourself an advantage today, call Mainline Inspection Services at 513-349-3357 or email info@MainlineInspection.com

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Contractor Goes All In with Ethical Inspection Assessments
Patrick Hooper’s inspection business began with a single question: “Who do you call if you want an honest, unbiased pipe evaluation?”