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Sanitary Infrastructure Consultants

The cost of replacing or repairing a main sewer line can top $10,000 to $20,000. That is why it is critical for you to know the actual state of the sanitary infrastructure before purchasing a property or making repair decisions.

Don’t let a high-pressure sales pitch force you into making an uninformed decision.

A Mainline Inspection Services Examination includes:

  • A video inspection, conducted using state-of-the-art Ridgid SeeSnake® color cameras
  • A digital video of the examination
  • A written review of the inspection
  • A consultation on potential remedies, including cost estimates
  • Line location/sewer line mapping (This service is offered when specifically requested and might affect the duration and price of inspection)
  • A 30-day Revisit Rate Reduction — if Mainline Inspection Services begins an examination but is unable to finish because of problems with the line (obstructions, standing water, etc.) our technician will return for a second attempt at a complete sewer line inspection at a reduced price. This offer will be good for a period of 30 days.

Just as businesses rely on the advice of expert consultants to avoid unnecessary and inflated expenses, you can rely on M.I.S. to disclose the condition of your sanitary infrastructure and storm water lines, and advise you on a full range of the most cost-effective repair and maintenance options.

Gain the edge — contact Mainline Inspection Services before deciding on sewer line maintenance and repairs, real-estate purchases, etc.