What an Inspection May Reveal

Mainline Inspection Services provides real-time visual examination of sewer lines, downspouts, drains and other  pipes, in addition to offering sewer line location services. M.I.S. examinations evaluate the operating condition of the sewer line that extends from the building to the city main or septic tank—located in the street, yard or elsewhere. Our high-resolution color cameras assess the state of the pipes and enable our specialists to identify areas of concern including:

  • Root infiltration from trees and bushes which prevents normal flow and function, and leads to pipe damage.
  • Collapsed Pipe that requires repair or replacement.
  • Offset and/or leaking joints where joints in the line have become misaligned due to shifting soil or settling and allow water and waste to escape into the ground surrounding the line.
  • Broken, cracked or corroded pipe due to severe corrosion and age, or outdated and inferior material.
  • Blockages/restricted flow from blockages like grease buildup, sanitary products, debris, etc.
  • Bellied pipe where a valley or dip is created by inadequate soil conditions, resulting in sunken or leveled sections of pipe.
  • “Ovaled” pipe where the line is compressed and misshapen by soil pressure. Often due to the use of substandard material, this deformity can restrict flow and may be a sign of an eventual collapse.

At the conclusion of the inspection, your fully insured Mainline Inspection Services technician will provide you with a video of your examination, a written review that details the inspection findings, and suggestions for how to approach repairs and maintenance. And because Mainline Inspection Services does not up-sell repair work or offer repair services, you can be certain that our examinations offer an honest, unbiased assessment of the condition of your sanitary system.