The rate for a single video inspection from a single access point is a non-hourly flat rate of $325 (no additional charge for report preparation). This includes the inspection itself; a digital report, which incorporates photos and video of the examination; and a report review and consultation with a Mainline Inspection Services technician. 


Inspection Pricing

Video Inspection $325

Additional Inspections (if located at the same property)

Short Line (Up to 25 linear feet) $75
Medium Line (25 to 50 linear feet) $125
Long Line (Greater than 50 linear feet) $225
Storm Line Inspection (Requiring additional labor/equipment) $425
Consulting Fee (separate service) $100

Please Note: Drain line inspections that require relocation to one or more additional access points due to extreme length or any other issues/circumstances with the pipe will be considered additional inspections.

In addition to requests for additional inspections, unforeseeable issues with the pipe and/or access can possibly increase the cost of the inspection. The most common additional costs are caused by additional labor and materials required to inspect lines lacking easily accessible cleanouts/entry points.

Additional Labor and Materials

Remove (drill out) and replace PVC cleanout cap (if necessary) $25
Remove (cut/chisel out) and replace brass cleanout cap (if necessary) $50
Clear debris/obstruction from pipe/cleanout/vertical stack $50
Pull and reset toilet; replace wax ring $100

Incidental Charges

Trip Charge – Inspections unable to be performed due to circumstances beyond the  control of the Mainline Inspection technician; often due to lack of–or inaccessible entry points/cleanouts that are located behind walls and/or beneath carpet or flooring


Travel Charge – Additional charge for inspections located more than 25 miles (one way) from M.I.S. headquarters

Stand-By – A rate of $50 per hour may be applied to inspections delayed more than 30 minutes for any reason outside the control of the Mainline Inspection technician.

Saving Report to Thumb Drive

If it is necessary to save the finished inspection report to a USB travel drive, please provide a minimum 8GB flash drive, along with a self-addressed and stamped “cushioned” envelope. If you need M.I.S. to provide and mail a flash drive, there will be an additional $25 charge, which includes shipping and handling.

Additionally, should you call other companies for an estimate, below are a few things you should ask about:

  • Clarify whether or not the price you have been quoted is an hourly rate. We are very clear and transparent about our rate (which is flat) and all other potential costs. Often times, companies will offer quotes of around $175 to $250 but fail to mention that the price will increase, or possibly double should the time to inspect go beyond an hour. A thorough inspection should take more than an hour—M.I.S. inspections usually take between 1.5 to 2 hours—but can go longer.
  • Will the company provide a report detailing and reviewing their findings, as well as recommendations? M.I.S. provides two documents. The first is a digital copy of the video inspection report which includes the video, as well as photographs of the entire inspection from start to finish—detailing issues and concerns along the way (there is a sample on our website). M.I.S. also provides a separate review with an overview—as well as mitigation recommendations if warranted. This information can be invaluable should there be a need to negotiate any remediation.
  • Is the company also a contractor/service provider? When there is an incentive to find problems due to the possibility of being contracted to fix those problems, there is a potential conflict of interest. Since M.I.S. does not provide repair services—you know that our inspections and evaluations are 100% honest and unbiased.

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