Every Mile Begins With an Inch

By: Patrick Hooper You’ve likely heard the radio ads, television commercials or seen the banners online–companies in any number of service industries offering “special deals” on maintenance, cleanings, checkups, inspections, free estimates, etc. These “special” deals can be offered for things such as heating & … Continue reading

Just Say NO! to Thin-Walled PVC

By: Patrick Hooper If you’ve read any of my blog or facebook posts about substandard pipe–which you can find here or here–you are aware of the serious problems associated with using weak, inferior pipe material for underground drain line. After having the front gutter on my house re-pitched … Continue reading

Caveat Emptor—That’s Our Specialty

By: Patrick Hooper When it comes to making a buck, there are those who will say anything to take your money from you. While this exists in most all walks of life, the sewer line repair industry can be among the most costly when it … Continue reading

Spot Repair—Sometimes, Less Really is Less

By: Patrick Hooper Mainline Inspection Services is an unbiased consultative company—not a sales organization. It is our job to visually inspect and objectively evaluate the condition of underground sewer and drain lines and advise our customers on the best, most cost-effective options for remediation. We … Continue reading

SCH 40 PVC PIPE—All the Time, Every Time!

By: Patrick Hooper On my way to an inspection the other day, I pulled up alongside a pickup truck that was towing an excavator, and what appeared to be PVC drain pipe.After a closer look, I realized that the drain pipe this contractor was carrying—presumably … Continue reading

Hold Your Horses—One Inspection at a Time

By: Patrick Hooper As a consultative company, we pride ourselves on our honesty and objectivity. In fact, we like to say that “We Get Paid to be Honest”—even though sometimes, we don’t. Our consulting service doesn’t only begin after a customer agrees to hire M.I.S., … Continue reading

FLEX PIPE! What is it good for?

By: Patrick Hooper In addition to sewer lines and sanitary infrastructure, M.I.S. also performs inspections on footer drains  (a.k.a. foundation, perimeter or curtain drains) and downspout lines. The kind of pipe used for sewer lines is pretty standard, normally SDR 35 or SCH 40 PVC … Continue reading

Mainline Inspection Services: A Case Study

By: Patrick Hooper If you’ve been to our website, read our blog, or hired us to perform an inspection, you know what Mainline Inspection Services is all about. Our objective is to provide honest, unbiased assessments of sanitary infrastructure and storm water lines and consult … Continue reading