Beating the Soggy Basment Blues — Don’t Panic

By: Patrick Hooper Though not all that uncommon, water in the basement is a serious problem that can damage walls and floors, destroy carpeting, ruin furniture, lead to mold—a very dangerous and expensive problem to eliminate–and create the perfect breeding ground for termites and cockroaches, … Continue reading

Sewer Repair: Excavation vs. Reline

By: Patrick Hooper Currently, the two most common methods of repairing a damaged sewer line is a Full Line Replacement, and what is known as a Reline, sometimes referred to as a Sleeve. If an inspection reveals serious issues with the sewer lateral that can … Continue reading

Avoiding the Sewer Scammer

By: Patrick Hooper I know and trust that most sewer repair providers–plumbers, excavators, contractors, etc.–are honest, hard-working folk who want nothing more than to offer customers ethical, straightforward solutions to their problems. I work with many such service providers, who, not wanting to offer repair … Continue reading

The Story Behind Mainline Inspection Services

By: Patrick Hooper I want nothing more out of my daily personal and professional interactions than to deal with others honestly and be dealt with honestly. Over the years I have held several sales jobs. For a salesperson, the pressure to meet and exceed revenue … Continue reading