Customer Testimonials

“The information your report gave us for buying our home was invaluable.”

—Anthony H.

"I first met Patrick at a Cincinnati Real Estate Investors Association meeting where we are both vendors. I was immediately impressed with his presentation of reports and videos that showed remarkable information and detail. I immediately realized this could be a very valuable service for my clients and it wasn’t long before an opportunity arrived to test Patrick’s expertise. One of my investor clients went under contract on a bank-owned property. After the contract was executed, my buyer had the opportunity to perform his inspections. We completed the structural and mechanical portion of the inspection, but in order to inspect the plumbing portion, the bank had to turn on the water. It is common practice on bank-owned properties for the bank to charge a fee to “dewinterize” then “rewinterize” the house, usually around $250. I recommended to my buyer that, instead of paying $250 to just turn on the water and visually watch the drains, he contact Mainline Inspection where for about the same amount he could get a complete video inspection. My buyer agreed and called Patrick who scheduled an inspection right away. The report was completed and showed that water and waste were being held in several sections of the sewer line. My buyer took the report to a plumbing company and obtained a repair estimate based on the results of the video. The repair estimate called for replacing the entire line at a cost of about $10,000! I then presented the independent inspection report and repair estimate to the bank with our request for a price concession. With the report as our basis, we were able to get the bank to agree to price concessions for the repairs saving my buyer thousands of dollars! The inspection paid for itself many times over! I would highly recommend Patrick’s service for to any of my real estate clients. He provides very prompt and professional service which can save you thousands in hidden costs!"

—Marty Russell, Exit Realty West

“I own a company in Cincinnati called Inspection Plus. We have done over 34,000 full house inspections since 1991, throughout the Tri-State area. I have been sending my clients to Mainline Inspection Services for over a year whenever I suspect there may be an issue with their underground drain lines. In my line of work, it’s great when clients ask if I know someone who can perform a task—Patrick has been a big help to my clients and I am sure Mainline Inspection has saved my customers thousands of dollars prior to closing on a house. I would recommend Mainline Inspection Services to any of my clients.”

—John Cordell, Inspection Plus, LTD

"As a consumer, I tend to be skeptical and am always in search of the “right company.” For this reason, I’m sharing my recent experience with Mainline Inspection Services. Due to a sewer problem, I had five plumbers evaluate my situation and provide quotes for the repair. Estimates ranged from approximately $12,000 to a couple thousand dollars. Although I was hesitant to make yet another phone call, I contacted M.I.S. and found Mr. Hooper to be professional, honest and patient. As unbelievable as this sounds, with his help I was able to complete the project myself for only a few dollars and some sweat equity. I believe that difference between M.I.S. and the others is that, unlike the others who are plumbing contractors, Mr. Hooper was not invested in soliciting a plumbing contract. Finding the problem was his agenda; providing a repair quote afterwards was not. For this reason I highly recommend M.I.S. I realize that my situation is quite atypical and that my story almost sounds not believable. I also realize that my review probably sounds like a commercial. Probably so. Regardless, understand that I had never met Mr. Hooper prior to my situation and have no investment in writing this review other than for the protection of other consumers like myself. As consumers, I think it is important to protect each other against fraud, deceit, etc."

—Keith M., Finneytown

“Patrick, Two follow-ups to the investigation you did for me—first, because you were able to pinpoint the leak in our sewer lateral as being under a paved alley, the sanitation district took on the full responsibility to repair the problem and, I believe, even remove the root ball that you found near the leak. Without that proof, it would have cost me a bundle to make the repairs. My cost to prove the location had the added benefit of identifying the unexpected routing of the sewer lines under the basement floor. Second, I mentioned to a friend in REIAGC about the inspection and your comment that a low-occupancy house can get by without realizing that the drainage system has a partial block. That blockage can be a real problem if a larger family moves in. My friend had experience with a similar problem where her grandmother's sewer always backed up when the family gathered at Thanksgiving. So, foreknowledge of drainage problems can help the buyer recoup some of the repair costs during the negotiations.“

—Ken Truman, Conscientious Craftsmanship in Residential Rehab, Restoration and Repair

“I hired Mainline Inspection Services to inspect my backyard drain lines in order to determine where they were located and if they were working properly. Patrick provided amazing customer service—he called prior to arrival, arrived on time, completed the work on time... and most important (to me), completed the work on budget. No offense to Patrick, but I hope I don't need to hire him again for this service... but if I ever do need my drain lines inspected, Patrick would be the person I would contact first. Thank you for the great work!”

—Ryan M., Madeira

When I met Patrick, the owner of Mainline inspection Services, and learned of his 'consultative approach' to helping people with their sewer and drain pipe problems, I was impressed. He's not a plumber. He just takes a look at your of sewer lines, downspouts and drains and tells you what's going on...he’s not there to up-sell any service. This way, for example, you can see if a property you're considering purchasing has issues with the sewer lateral. Or, he'll let you know if you really do need that big repair bill the plumber said you need to pay. I didn't have either of these issues--what I did have was an upstairs bathroom sink that I couldn't unclog. I had two daughters wanting it unclogged and a wallet that didn't want to pay for Mr. Plumber. So I called Patrick for advice--On a Sunday! It's not his line of work but he gave me a couple suggestions and a bit of reassurance (i.e. he consulted) and I got my drain clear. No charge. Just helpful. If I ever do have an issue with my sanitary system, or any drain pipe for that matter, I know who I'm calling.

—Howard M., Bellevue, KY