Why Get An Inspection?

A thorough examination of a property’s sanitary infrastructure–especially its sewer line–is a vital step in the real estate investment process. Identifying problems before committing to the purchase of a property is essential, as sewer repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Educate and empower yourself today.

A Mainline Inspection Services examination package includes the inspection, a video of the entire process, a written summary and a service consultation–all of which help disclose the condition of the line and provide important information to property owners and sellers.

If the sewer line appears to be in good structural condition, but is obstructed by tree roots, gravel, paper products, grease, etc., it may be possible to clear the line with an auger or high-pressure water jet system. Augering typically costs between $100 and $300, while the cost of water-jet cleaning is usually $400 to $900, though prices can exeed this range depending on the condition of the line.

If the inspection uncovers a collapsed, decayed or unstable pipe, then it will likely be necessary to repair or replace a portion of the line, and in some cases, the entire line.

Insurance Concerns

Most homeowners are unaware that they’re responsible for problems that occur in the sewer system running from their home to the street. A blockage in your sewer line can backup into your house, resulting in serious property damage, costly cleanups and the potential loss of irreplacable posessions.

If your property is properly insured, many insurance companies will cover a first backup, though you will have to pay a deductible and your rates will likely increase following the incident. However, a second backup will likely not be covered and the insurer may choose to revoke your policy.